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UK Bike Theft – Suspect There Will Be No Suspect

September 19, 2017/by Alex Barday

Cheers Britain

#MakeoverMonday - Week 21

This week we reviewed an article published by the BBC, "Are Britons falling out of love with booze?". The article reveals, a decline in the number of alcoholic beverages consumed; this is most prevalent in young people (age 16 to 24). Inspired by charts seen in The Economist, I chose to display the data with a horizontally stacked bar charts. Using Tableau to create my horizontal stacked bar charts, I then applied a "Percentage of Total" (Table Calculation), computed using the number of drinks each participant had had the week prior to the polling. By adding the table calculation it enabled the bar to fill to 100%, representing the entire sample population.
May 25, 2017/by Alex Barday

The Secret of Success

#MakeoverMonday - Week 13

This week we set out to re-visualize a radar chart created by Visually showing the perceived secret of success. The chart is broken up into three different social strata. I chose to use small multiple donut charts to show the differences in opinion.
March 30, 2017/by Alex Barday

Winning Colors

#MakeoverMonday – Week 12

March Madness is underway but does your school’s color impact your chance to win?
March 20, 2017/by Alex Barday

Top 500 YouTube Gamers

#MakeoverMonday - Week 10

We evaluated the top 500 YouTube gaming channels to determent have to make a top gaming channel. Our data came from SocialBlade, a site that monitors the impact a YouTube channel has on it viewer and grades the channel from A+ to -D. I choose to display the data in a Top 10 list with links to the corresponding YouTube channel. I also used a barbell chart to display the difference in the grades given by SocialBlade. Finally, I showed all 500 Youtube channels on a scatterplot that can be filled by grade using the icon bar.
March 13, 2017/by Alex Barday

Global iPhone Sales

By: Alex Barday
Published: 3/1/2017

Apple's iPhone 7 sales have been less than spectacular compared to previous iPhone releases, but that doesn't seem to be affecting investor confidence. After recent news Apples' stock price is at an all-time high and exceeding analyst expectations.
March 1, 2017/by Alex Barday

Spending Flow

By: Alex Barday
Published: 2/27/2017

#MakeoverMonday - Week 9

Andy shared his spending habits of his American Express card over the past year. I chose to show the flow of his spending habits from the country to the product purchased. Using Tableau to create a Sankey diagram in order to visualize the flow of Andy's purchases. Sankey diagrams are a specific type of flow diagram that puts visual emphasis on the major flows within a system. You may have seen Sankey diagrams in Google Analytics to visually represent the bounce rate and flow of visitors within a site.
February 27, 2017/by Alex Barday

The Burden of Diabetes

By: Alex Barday
Published: 11/7/2016

There is an immense amount a data that exists on virtually any topic, waiting to have its story told. As data scientists find ways to collect and organize information for big data applications, we strive to tell the story each data set presents. With the emergence of big data, the need to display large, complex data sets in a digestible form has become increasingly more important. Data Visualization allows us to gain a deeper understanding of data sets quickly and efficiently
October 31, 2016/by Alex Barday

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